Teigen Pascual

Professional BMX Athlete



Some champions are born, others are built. So far, 20-year-old Teigen Pascual’s success seems to be a combination of both—when she’s not winning, she’s training.

A three-time Canadian National Champion who’s been in love with competition since age four, Teigen made history in 2019 winning both the Canadian the US Amateur Girls Championship, becoming first female rider to top both podiums in the same year.  She followed that up with a #2 finish at the 2021 World Championships in the Netherlands.

After overcoming an accident earlier in 2023, Teigen is back with an unyielding determination. Now residing in  in Aigle, Switzerland at the UCI World Cycling Center, Teigen is set on securing her spot at the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics and aiming even higher for the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics.


Teigen Pascual - 2021 Junion Women BMX Champion
Canadian Junior Women Champion
Teigen Pascual - 2021 #2 World BMX Champion
#2 World Junior Champion
2019 & 2021
Teigen Pascual - 2019 Canadian #1 Amateur Girl
Canadian National #1 Amateur Girl
2013, 2018, & 2019
Teigen Pascual - 2019 USA #1 Amateur Girl
USA National #1 Amateur Girl


Todd Pope
President of Squamish BMX Racing Club President of BMX Canada Track Operator Group

“At the Squamish BMX club, Teigen is a huge inspiration—training tirelessly and helping with track maintenance and coaching other club members of any age. She consistently takes the time to be a mentor and role model, answering all the questions of our little riders. 

Through my role with BMX Canada, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Teigen grow into a very determined and inspiring athlete. She works hard to set and achieve her goals and knows how to use crashes or disappointments to learn and grow. She is one of the most humble young ladies I have ever met, and I look forward to watching her succeed in the future.”

Arielle Martin
Coach/Mentor/EX-US National Team Member

“Teigen has so much fire. She’s very receptive to feedback and coaching. It’s really cool to see her get these results and know that I am getting through to her.”

Vicki Schenk
Teacher, SD48 (Sea to Sky)

“Teigen possess an innate drive to persevere and reach her goals, regardless of any setbacks. She has the ability to laugh at herself and a natural friendliness and willingness to mentor younger children who look up to her. It’s been a great pleasure to watch Teigen mature as an individual, an athlete, and a student.”

“Sports of all kinds have always been a huge part of my life, but my passion is BMX. I am an elite level athlete with hopes of joining the Canadian National Olympic BMX team. Competing at a young age helped me realize the value of commitment and hard work and I am dedicated to reach my highest level of achievement in sport, academics, and life.” — Teigen Pascual



Pique Newsmagazine Whistler

There’s ‘always more in it’ for
Squamish BMXer Teigen Pascual

The 20-year-old rebounded from three broken collarbones
to place ninth at the 2023 Pan Am Games

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