"I really like helping kids down at the track. I have had role models that I look up to a lot, so if I can do that for someone else—that is pretty cool."
Teigen Pascual
Canadian BMX Junior Champion


Teigen is a strong believer in encouraging more girls to embrace sports, particularly through cycling. Her efforts focus on getting young girls onto bikes, showcasing how the magic of two wheels can transform lives. Reflecting on her own upbringing predominantly among boys, she sees it as a powerful awakening. 

In a sport largely dominated by males, like BMX and various cycling disciplines, Teigen is passionate about effecting change. Her aim is to level the playing field and make biking an inclusive, empowering realm for all.

Below are other ways Teigen has supported her community throughout the years.

Teigen Pascual Coaching - By Verity Frail

Coach for three years with Jaime Hill at
Hilltop Mountain Biking

Teigen Pascual Coaching - By Verity Frail

2018 received PMBI Level 1 /
Wilderness & Standard First Aid Certification

Teigen Pascual Coaching - By Verity Frail

2018 & 2019 – Mountain Bike Coach for the City of Squamish Summer Program

Teigen Pascual Coaching - By Verity Frail

2019 to 2021 – Volunteer Coach at the
Squamish BMX Track